We are passionate about communication and information access, so we’ve created this website with our users in mind.

Adjust text size

Content text size can be adjusted using the buttons at the top right hand of each screen. The large A increases text size while the small A reduces it. Click the circular arrow to reset back to the default size.

Increase/decrease font size button

Auslan videos

For many people who use Auslan as their first and/or preferred communication, English can be their second language yet very few websites translate information into Auslan. Conexu has ensured that the first level of content of our website is available in Auslan video translations. Our videos use the standard player playback controls which allows you to adjust the size and streaming quality of the video or view the video in full screen. To view the Auslan videos, click the "View this page in Auslan" link.

Screen reader compatibility

This site has been designed for compatibility with screen readers. Each page contains descriptive headings and links, ALT text for images and page titles.

General navigation

We wanted to make navigation the site intuitive, so we've created three ways to move around the site: by section or by highlight. To return to the homepage, click on the Conexu logo in the top left hand corner.

  • By section - Main menu (Top): use the drop down menu to navigate through the sections. This menu is a good indication of the structure of the site
  • By highlight - Home slideshow menu: in this slideshow you will find the main highlights from the site. Use the read more buttons to go directly to the related section of the site
  • Search function: all content in the site is also searchable. By typing a word into the search bar you will be offered suggestions for pages which contain the key word you are looking for
  • PDF download: visit the Adobe website to download a free PDF viewer (External link) if you do not already have one.

System requirements

Conexu website has been built for compatibility with all four major browsers and mobile devices including Smart Phones and Tablet PCs.

Compatible browsers

Compatible browsers include: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. The site will function in earlier versions of these browsers however it is recommended that you download and install the latest browser version to view the site as it is intended.

Screen resolution

This site has been designed for optimal viewing on a screen of at least 1024x768 pixels.

Internet bandwidth

A broadband internet connection is required to view the site. The site has been designed for compatibility with slower connection speeds however, there may be some delay in streaming YouTube videos on slower connections.


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