How to use OpenAccess Tours

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hand holding documentFULL step by step guide (PDF)

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Over 20 venues around Australia are accessible with OpenAccess Tours. To find out where, go to

We recommend that you download OpenAccess Tours and content on a Wi-Fi connection.


Available in the App store now

Download from Apple iTunes
Download from Apple iTunes
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Before you go to the venue

  1. Download the app: Open the App Store or Google Playstore on your smart device, then search for OpenAccess Tours and download.

  2. Select the venue: Choose the venue from the list that you wish to visit.

  3. Download your content: Choose your content format to download under the exhibition you wish to visit, for example, Auslan, Audio with captions or Audio description.

At the venue

  1. Take the tour and enjoy: Depending on the venue you are visiting, there are a number of options to access the content: Display number, QR Code or Nearby. By selecting an option above, the content you've downloaded previously will play automatically. Continue through this step for the remaining display items. You'll have an opportunity to rate your experience and share on Facebook or Twitter.

  2. Complete the Tour: When you have completed the tour, tap on 'End visit'. 

Enjoy your OpenAccess Tours experience!

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