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In response to your feedback on communication technology, we developed is a central resource for people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired to find the latest on communication technology.

The site provides information for all stages of life - at school, work, home and day to day. It’s designed to be a community hub where people share their experiences and advice with one another in the form of product reviews, blog posts and Auslan vlogs.

New content is added every week, including product descriptions, resources, real life stories and more.

We want to show people what's available, so they feel confident to make informed choices about which technology is right for them. is powered by Conexu Foundation.

The site design was revised in October 2016, to make it easier to navigate and interact with. To visit, click here

Download now: Free resource guide for everyday communication technology has developed a new resource guide for everyday communication: ‘11 technologies to support communication between people who are Deaf or hard of hearing and the broader community.’ This resource is a practical guide to the best technologies to assist communication whether at school, home, work or out and about. In the guide, you'll find things like:  

  • What are the costs involved (a lot of them are free!)
  • Which devices the tech is available on
  • When and where is the best situation to use each one

To download your free copy, click here.

Mai Bryant-Kelly
Mai Bryant-Kelly, VIC
“ makes sense as products and software are evolving so quickly. We need to understand what options are available. I’ve seen first-hand that choosing the right supports has been crucial for Zara’s development.”


Michaela Banks
Michaela Banks, SA

“ We were fortunate enough to have good advice, but understanding the technology available can be a minefield.Many parents just don’t know what they’re looking for, which is why the support of the new website will be invaluable.”


Dan Javis
Dan Jarvis, QLD

“ Technology is a great enabler as it allows the Deaf and hearing impaired to lead independent lives and not have to rely on the support of others. It’s really useful to have one online site which brings together information and ideas, and allows you to share with others in the deaf community. I’ve got no doubt it will become well used.”







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