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In response to your feedback on communication technology, we’ve been busy developing an information hub to help point you in the right direction. provides information on communication technologies for people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired. It’s designed to help you find, learn and understand the options available for your needs, in a range of accessible formats!

On you'll find:

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Mai Bryant-Kelly
Mai Bryant-Kelly, Vic
“ Techfinder makes sense as products and software are evolving so quickly. We need to understand what options are available. I’ve seen first-hand that choosing the right supports has been crucial for Zara’s development.”



Michaela Banks, SA
“ We were fortunate enough to have good advice, but understanding the technology available can be a minefield.Many parents just don’t know what they’re looking for, which is why the support of the new website will be invaluable.”



Dan Jarvis
“ Technology is a great enabler as it allows the Deaf and hearing impaired to lead independent lives and not have to rely on the support of others. It’s really useful to have one online site which brings together information and ideas, and allows you to share with others in the deaf community. I’ve got no doubt it will become well used.” is designed to be a community hub where people go to get the latest info on communciation technology and share experiences and advice with one another. We want your ideas, thoughts and contribution to the site. Go to the Join in page to see how you can be part of




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