We regularly collaborate with community organisations that align with our vision and mission to create a connected community. Examples of our projects include career confidence mentoring initiatives and creating engaged communities to support people with complex communication needs (CCN).

Captions for learning CAP THAT! program

Conexu is a proud sponsor and long-time supporter of the CAP THAT! program ensuring inclusion through technology. CAP THAT! promotes the use of captions on videos used in the classroom. Captions are the text version of speech and other sounds in video content and are already available on the majority of educational content provided to schools at no additional charge, they just need to be turned on. 

An initiative of Media Access Australia, CAP THAT! is endorsed by the Department of Education’s National Literacy and Numeracy Week. Media Access Australia is Australia’s only independent not-for-profit organisation devoted to increasing access to media for people with a disability. Access to media, enabled through technology, empowers people to be independent, gain knowledge, make their own choices and be active members of our society.

Read more about this program in the 2015 'CAP THAT! Recap'

Supporting Hear For You

Hear For You is a place where young deaf or hard of hearing teenagers can hang out amongst other peers, have lots of fun and make lots of friends. Hear For You have developed workshops to bring groups of teenagers to realise that deafness is more a “difference” than a disadvantage, to show these teenagers that they are not alone, to inspire them, and to share hints and tips on how to deal with all the obstacles that come with deafness.


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