A free learning tool with over 2000 Auslan signs or phrases for anyone, especially young children and their families.

Instant Australian sign language (Auslan) to English communication for face-to-face interactions. Face to Face focuses on also being a free education resource for deaf children to assist their language and literacy skills.

Through pre-recorded Auslan video, people who are Deaf (and use Auslan) and people who speak English can learn effectively with OpenAccess Face to Face. 

Face to Face App includes the opportunity to enjoy:

•         A comprehensie and still growing list of words in several themes including ‘Everyday Words’, ‘Food’, ‘Family’, ‘Sport’,   

          ‘Animals’,  ‘Workplace’, ‘Countries’, ‘Technology’, etc.

•         ‘Everyday Words’ categories include ‘Greetings’ signs, ‘emotions’, common words’, ‘colours’, phrases and ‘idioms’, etc.

•         Easy to use App and great for young deaf children and their families to learn.

•         Improving English literary skills from the large range of words and phrases in the Auslan Video ‘Library’.

•         A unique learning app as it includes the English word or phrase, the Auslan sign, handshape option and an image of the word.

Hearing people keen to learn Auslan and attending Auslan classes can watch short Auslan videos and practice anywhere and anytime.

Conexu has supported Tradeblock Café, a Victorian College for the Deaf initiative with access to the Tradeblock Café App, which provides similar access features as the Face to Face App.ock Café App, which provides similar access features as the Face to Face App.     


Developed to

  • Advance skills for the wider community learning and using the native language and vocabulary of Deaf Australians (Auslan)
  • Enhance language and literacy learning for deaf children using Auslan
  • Assist parents of young deaf children and teachers with learning Auslan
  • Supporting increased participation in the home, community, workplace, sport and other activities for people who are deaf.

For more information, check out www.openaccessfacetoface.com.au 

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Available in the App Store now (available on iPad and iPhone only).

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