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Learning and conversing between Auslan and English

OpenAccess Face to Face supports learning and conversing between Deaf and hearing people with Auslan to English interactions.  

Choose English words or phrases from the list to view pre-recorded Auslan video. Use one device, or link two together.

  • Deaf people can develop their English literacy from a range of phrases in the video library
  • Hearing people can watch short Auslan videos and practice sign language
  • Everyone learns together through matched content that appear on paired iPads

Communication is no barrier for deaf kids in sport

Together with Deaf Sports Australia, we’re trailling OpenAccess Face to Face on the sports field to help break down communication barriers between deaf and hearing kids, and help increase sports participation. Thanks to your votes, we placed second in the round for Sports & Education in the Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World competition! With our grant, we'll continue building the sports vocabulary in the app. 


OpenAccess Face to Face is also being used at the TradeBlock Cafe in Melbourne to assist in communication between Deaf students who use Auslan, and hearing customers who use English. Powered by Conexu in partnership with the Victorian College for the Deaf, and supported by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation. 

Watch the Tradeblock Cafe advertisement, featuring our app.

For more information including features and benefits, testimonials and case studies, click here.

To download from iTunes (available on iPad only) click here.

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