Real-time communication between spoken and sign language

Instant Australian sign language (Auslan) to English communication for face-to-face interactions.

Through pre-recorded Auslan video, people who are Deaf (and use Auslan) and people who speak English can communicate effectively with OpenAccess Face to Face. Available at the TradeBlock Cafe in Melbourne, OpenAccess Face to Face assists in communication between Deaf students who use Auslan, and hearing customers who use English.  

Developed to

  • Enhance workplace literacy for Auslan users to communicate with hearing people
  • Advance skills for the wider community using the native language of Deaf Australians
  • Increase participation of workplace for people who are Deaf in service-based industries.

Powered by Conexu in partnership with the Victorian College for the Deaf, and supported by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation.

Watch the Tradeblock Cafe advertisement, featuring our app 'TB Cafe Advert' 

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Available in the App Store now (available on iPad only).

Download from Apple iTunes


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