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World first telephone technology for people who are deaf and blind

In a new technology trial, people who have a hearing and vision loss can access telephone calls using a unique caption to braille service.

The Captel phone has been available in the USA for over six years and in Australia for two years. Now there is a special system that works with braille displays. It allows people who are deafblind to make telephone calls where they can speak and then read what the other person is sayong, using a braille reader.  

Conexu Foundation, in parallel with Ultratec's U.S. trial, and with the support of Able Australia, is currently facilitating a trial of this service with participants from the Australian Deafblind community.

The service started in May 2015 on a limited basis and is now available 24/7. Particpants in the trial are providing feedback on how the service can be improved and made available for other Deafblind people.

Update: The Braille Captel trial has won a national Telco Award in the category of Community Contribution at the Annual Communications Alliance and CommsDay Award, 2016.

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OpenAccess Captions

Deafblind Awareness Week 2016 marked a new development in the Australian trial with the launch of OpenAccess Captions, a new trial iPad app service.

Read more about this iPad trial on the OpenAccess Captions page.    

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