A person who is hard of hearing has a hearing loss (of any severity), and communication is usually by speech*

People with hearing loss face daily barriers to everyday communication. We work closely with our communities to better understand these challenges, which can include:

  • Limited access to multimedia aspects of cultural experiences such as those at museums, art galleries, theatres and sporting venues
  • Difficulties with workplace communication (for example, liaising with client, colleagues and customers either one on one or in meetings)
  • Barriers to recruitment where methods rely on audio communication (for example, telephone interviews)
  • No access to loud speaker and public announcements at large events and on public transport.

Communication preference:

In Australia, spoken English. English text captions, or supplementary hearing devices such as hearing aids or a cochlear implant.

Approach to technology:

Technology that provides a text equivalent, accompanying audio (for example, captions).


*More information on accepted terminology in Australia can be found on the Deaf Australia website.  

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