Sophie Lee   Sophie's story

Sophie is the Information & Online Media Coordinator at Vicdeaf . She was born deaf, getting her first cochlear implant at age 4, and the other ear fitted 10 years after. Sophie tells us about her experience at a gallery using OpenAccess Tours.

“I was able to enjoy the exhibition more because there was more information on the Tours app compared to the exhibition’s displays.  And it was great to have the map layout to understand where the tour is going.

"The OpenAccess Tours app is one of a kind. There is rarely any high quality access to art galleries, zoos and other iconic locations. It is easy to use and people can switch to and from between Auslan and audio with captions at any time. Thank you to Conexu for creating a free app with high quality contents for all deaf and hard of hearing people to fully benefit.”

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Felicity   Felicity's story 

Felicity is Deafness Editor at BellaOnline: The Voice of Women. She lost her hearing when she was around aged nine as a result of Measles. As a musician and professional, Felicity appreciates the difficulties of hearing loss in social settings.

"Last night I went to a work Christmas party. It was held in a Truck wash Bay (a huge empty shed with incredibly high roof). It was difficult for me to hear because the echo, the babble of 60 people talking, the clatter of plates, sizzling of the spit plus lighting was poor and frequently the people I was talking to were back lit and at times all I could see was the shape of their head. As the evening wore on, it became harder and harder for me to concentrate to communicate well.".

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Rebecca   Rebecca's story 

Rebecca is a young professional who lost her hearing when she was two years old, and was fitted with a cochlear implant when she was three and a half. Rebecca tells us of her experience with cultural access app.

"Before OpenAccess Tours I always wanted to go to museums and galleries with friends and family but dreaded it because I couldn't experience the audio sections of the exhibitions. With OpenAccess Tours, I found it really valuable to learn the stories behind the artwork and the artists themselves. In the future I hope to see more museums making their exhibitions accessible, by providing captioned audio and Auslan translation videos".

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Joe   Joe's story 

Joe is a member of the DeafBlind community, and shares his story of how OpenAccess Alerts assists him in getting to and from work. 

"I have tunnel vision and struggle to see but I find things to help me, like different technologies. One [thing that helps me] is a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. I learnt about OpenAccess Alerts and downloaded it to my smartphone for travel.
I ride a three-wheel bike along the footpath most days and I've found OpenAccess Alerts keeps me up to date with traffic and weather reports. It even helped me avoid the bad traffic after a car accident. It is a fantastic app!"

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Angela   Angela's story 

Rose, daughter Angela and granddaughter Ruby share their story of living with a hearing loss. The family based in Victoria have used OpenAccess Tours app to enjoy an arts experience at the National Gallery of Victoria.

"Using OpenAccess Tours at Monet's Garden was wonderful. We downloaded the app and content at home; then once at the exhibition, we simply entered the artwork number code, which gave us information about the artwork. Mum preferred the scrolling captions with audio option, which was easier for her to follow. If my Mum can use OpenAccess Tours, anyone can.  Her initial concerns were quickly eased once in front of the artwork and smart device. Thank you for a lovely experience!" 

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