What does the Conexu Foundation do? 

Conexu focuses on providing inspiration, information and education about existing or emerging technologies, research for unmet needs, and supporting peak bodies advocating fro equal communication access for everyone.

How does Conexu work? 

In partnership

At Conexu, we work in partnership with individuals, organisations and businesses who share the common values of fairness and equal access to communication for everyone.

Not about me without me

The direction we take is based on evidence and implemented in consultation with the communities we serve.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We believe technology is a great enabler. We stay at the forefront of technological advances so that these advances also benefit our communities.  

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Where can I follow the latest news and how can I be involved? 

Stay touch with us by completing the keep up to date form and visit our Facebook page (External link) to find out the latest on new products, events and community updates. 


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