*Find out more about OpenAccess Alerts at the 2016 Australian Deaf Games: www.conexu.com.au/ADG2016

How to use OpenAccess Alerts

hand holding documentStep by step guide - ADG edition (PDF)
hand holding smart tabletAuslan Step by Step guide - ADG edition (Video)

Share and receive text-based public information to keep up to date. 

  1. Download the app: Open the App Store or Google Playstore on your smart device, then search for OpenAccess Alerts and download.

  2. Register or Log in: After downloading the app, you'll be asked to 'Register your details' or 'Log in'. Once signed up, you'll be prompted to log in with the information you've registered. A pop up screen will appear to request access to your current location. The app delivers content that is geographically specific for you. Click on 'Allow' to progress to the next step.

  3. View and post alerts: A map will appear with coloured pins of all the different alerts available in your area. To view an alert, simply tap on the alert icon and the text of the alert will appear. To post an alert, tap on 'Post Alert', set the distance, then tap 'Next'. Enter your post details, visibility and time limit, then tap on 'Post alert'.

  4. Customise your preferences: There are a number of ways customise the app:


Available in the App store now

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Download from Apple iTunes
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